Power hour: Driving change in motor trade

The motor trade market is evolving with the rise of autonomous vehicles, electric cars and changing consumer purchasing habits, but the sector still also has to deal with more traditional risks

In-depth: After hours

The UK has a thriving night time economy and with that comes a range of both unusual and prosaic insurance needs. Sam Barrett examines what brokers need to know about how best to insure the businesses that keep night owls entertained and the food…

Customers losing out

The most recent wave of consolidation could lead to a revamp of commission structures, which won’t be good for brokers or their clients, says Ian Stutz

Video: Expertise A-Z: Q&A with John Dunn

The London property market is experiencing high levels of competition at the moment with lots of brokers and insurers seeking business and striving to provide the best service and products possible.

Post Q&A video: Legal indemnity insurance

Legal indemnity insurance is often seen as an enigma by brokers and customers alike. In this video, Dave Carey, head of real estate, Zurich, sheds light on the main features of legal indemnity coverage, how it can speed up property transactions and…